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Q: Can I get a Course Equity Report for my course?

A: Yes. Email us at assessment-toolkit@umich.edu with the course name and number and your relationship to the course. We are only able to provide reports to instructors of record and department administrators at this time.

Q: Can I get a report with only the sections I’ve taught?

A: Not at the moment. While it is technically feasible to do, we have aggregated across sections to make sure students aren’t identifiable to instructors

Q: I’ve received a report in my email in the past without asking for one. Why was that?

A: When we started this project, we emailed out a report to instructors of courses that had the largest inequities. If these reports were to make a difference, we wanted to target the courses with the most to gain.

Q: I recently implemented a change in my course to help students earn higher grades. Will I be able to see that in the data?

A: Not at the moment. The report aggregates data across multiple years and all sections of the course. Therefore, changes in a single section or semester of the course are not included in the report.

Q: This report is cool and all but I want to explore the data myself. Can I do that?

A: We aren’t able to offer this yet. However, all of the data used in the report comes from the Learning Analytics Architecture database (LARC). To request access to LARC, please visit the LARC page on the Office of Enrollment Management’s website.